This blog post will be a bit different because it is not my recipe. I’ve tried a LOT of different bread recipes…..especially French Bread. There is something so wonderful and light about the French Bread that I’ve been able to try in New Orleans and around different areas of southern Louisiana, but I have not been able to nail the absolute flaky, light bread I’ve tried there. This recipe gives you a flaky outside and the inside is a bit more dense – still delicious. Take my word for it, every time I pull one of these baguettes out of the oven, I let out a primal groan when I taste it. It’s the perfect companion to your Cajun meals but also to any Italian meals. You can make some pretty awesome po-boys or sub sandwiches out of it. When or if it dries out (never happens in my house), you can cut it up, throw it in some bread pudding or drizzle with olive oil and seasoning and make homemade croutons.

I typically double this recipe I’m going to give you and I make smaller baguettes out of it. The original recipe tells you that you will get 2 loaves. They will be pretty large. If you have a big family, that’s perfect, but I like the smaller ones and I’ll normally give a loaf away every time I make a meal for a family or friend in need. Bread, to me, is such an expression of love. It’s mentioned 492 times in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It’s like a hug for your tummy. It’s always given me such happiness to knead and create it from such humble ingredients, and it always puts a smile on someone’s face when you hand them a warm loaf.

I encourage you to set aside some time one weekend and just give it a try. It’s fun if you just approach it as a learning experience! With the extra loaves you don’t give away or EAT, you can place in a ziplock bag (the large bags). Get as much air out as you can and then store in the freezer until your next use. I always defrost on a rack at room temp. Then I turn the oven on 350 degrees and just heat it for a few minutes. Every time its like having FRESH bread!

Alright. I’ve made you suffer enough. Here is the link to the best French Bread recipe that I’ve come across: HTTPS://abountiful’s-no-fail-French-bread/

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